Jimmy Threepwood and the Echoes of the Past

Welcome  to the finished manuscript for the 3rd book in the Jimmy Threepwood series. Echoes of the Past will be out June 2020

An archeological dig unearths a new deadly foe. A mumified creature, seeking revenge for the death of Vesty and Lady Aurabella.

It's been four years since the children healed their bodies with the Elixir of Light and now their bodies have increased ten fold. A sudden knock on Jimmy's door reveals a sinister plot to destroy the Elders by someone close. But a suprise gift gives Jimmy the chance into the past...to see the birth of the prophecy and the creation of Tyranacus.

Althought the Light Dwellers discover the only weapon that can destroy Tyranacus is a fragile glass sword, guarded since time began by The First.


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