Jimmy Threepwood and the Veil of Darkness


‘Great book for children’ ~ Jamie Owen


‘Great young fantasy novel, in the vein of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson suitable for young readers and adults, thoroughly enjoyable.’


‘Wow what a great book I bought this book for my nephew at a book signing. I started to read it and could not put it down, what a story can’t wait for the second book great cliff-hanger ending.’


‘This book is awesome. I'm always looking for more reading material and this book was recommended. I absolutely loved it, it grabbed my attention from the first few paragraphs and had me hooked’…


Many centuries ago the Elders designed the world we live in, but they knew that through time and the advances in medicine and technology, the world would slowly start to die and man would ultimately destroy the planet. The Elders created a prophecy that every two millennia, four children would receive a mystical mark. The children would grow and (one day) be powerful enough to release the mighty beast, Tyranacus. Together they would purge the world of man, allowing it to heal before the life cycle would start again.

Margaret Threepwood was a gentle and loving wife and was due to give birth when tragedy struck and Margaret fell severely ill. The Gatekeeper of life and death appeared in the hospital ward and provided a one-time deal so Margaret would live as long as her son Jimmy Threepwood was brought up unloved, uncared-for and handed to the Gatekeeper and his minions on his eleventh birthday, where his destiny would be unveiled to him.

As Jimmy approached his eleventh birthday he noticed strange and unusual things happening. Firstly, a mysterious crow started to follow him around school; this ultimately led to a Bunson burner accident and an unusual scar forming on Jimmy's arm in the shape of a number nine. This was followed by Jimmy protecting his friend against the school bully, but one touch changed both Jimmy's and the bully's lives forever...

‘This book is a must for fans of everything from Harry Potter to the Skullduggery Series. It is dark in places but with enough humour to keep the more nervous among us reading on.’

‘I loved this book and can't wait for the next one. I really liked the description and story line - it has great action. Good reading for 11+ years.’

If you enjoy dark magical fantasy filled with mystical adventures, dragons and twists this book is for you.

…‘Even Heroes Do Bad Things’